I. output out‧put 1 [ˈaʊtpʊt] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] ECONOMICS MANUFACTURING the amount of goods or services produced by a person, machine, factory, company etc; = OUTTURN:

• The plant has anannual output of around three million metric tons of steel.

• The outputs of the production system need to be accounted for, invoiced and delivered to the customer.

ˌnet ˈoutput
[uncountable] ECONOMICS the difference between the cost of producing something and the price it is sold for; = VALUE ADDED:

• The car producer has a value added or net output of £3000 per car.

2. [uncountable] ECONOMICS the total amount of goods and services produced in the economy or a part of the economy during a particular period of time:

• Global economic output grew by 3.1% last year.

• Farmers could suffer from declining commodity prices as world agricultural output rises.

Manufacturing output in Scotland has risen.

3. [uncountable] COMPUTING the information produced by a computer, either on screen or printed out on paper:

• high quality text output

  [m0] II. output output 2 verb output PTandPP outputting PRESPART [transitive]
COMPUTING if a computer outputs information, it produces it:

• The computer can output the data in various ways.

  [m0] III. input/​output ˌinput/​ˈoutput written abbreviation I/​O adjective [only before a noun] COMPUTING
concerned with putting information into a computer system or getting information from it:

• With this new software, input/​output processing speeds would be increased by 300%.

* * *

output UK US /ˈaʊtpʊt/ noun
[C or U] ECONOMICS, PRODUCTION the amount of goods and services, or waste products, that are produced by a particular economy, industry, company, or worker: »

Monetary policy can be used to help to stabilize output and employment in an economy.


To become more effective, we need to focus more on outputs and revenues.

output of sth »

Relative to its GDP, Europe's output of IT hardware is only a fraction of that of America.

boost/increase/raise output »

Oil prices fell by $1 following Opec's decision to boost output by 500,000 barrels a day.

reduce/cut/limit output »

The Kyoto deal aimed to reduce the developed world's output of greenhouse gases by 5.2%.

output falls/declines/is down »

Forecasters at the OECD expect that output in the euro zone will fall by 5.3% in the coming year.

output rises/grows/is up »

According to a report by the Confederation of British Industry, factory output has risen in much of Britain over the past three months.

an increase/rise/fall in output »

Biggest falls in output during October were in the consumer durables, capital goods, and manufacturing sectors.


economic/industrial/manufacturing output


global/national/domestic output


annual/total/overall output


output per hour/employee/worker

[U] IT information or images that are produced by a computer or printer: »

computer/print output

[S or U] the amount of energy, for example, heat or electricity, that is produced by a piece of equipment: »

A high-power output of 2300W (230V) on each channel makes it possible to connect nearly any device.

[C] IT the part of a piece of electrical equipment where power, energy, or sound leaves it: »

Linking your sound card to the speaker outputs on your receiver may cause damage to the card when you turn the volume up.

output UK US /ˈaʊtpʊt/ verb [T] (outputting, output, output)
IT when a computer or printer outputs information or images, it produces them on paper or on screen : »

Once the printer has been installed, it will output a test document.

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